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Onsite Dental Handpiece Repair

Your busy dental practice is faced with many challenges each day but waiting weeks to have important equipment repaired should not be one of them. Besides, the person on the other end of the phone doesn't know exactly what your handpiece needs until they receive it. That's why we offer you a better option. Precision Dental Repair of Houston, Texas, brings the repair lab to you, so you and your staff can get to work quickly.

Careful Evaluation

Our experienced technician carefully examines your handpiece in our mobile unit at your location and can provide a repair estimate in minutes. He will explain all your repair options in person and show you what your handpiece needs and why; and will provide you with a free, no obligation quote. If you approve, you'll get your handpiece expertly repaired with quality parts, usually in less than an hour.

We service high-speed and electric handpieces, as well as low-speed motors and attachments. Precision Dental Repair provides more value by making your handpieces work harder for you, with less down time. You'll also receive 20% off instrument sharpening with your handpiece repair.

Multi-Office Repairs

Multi-office practices have unique needs that just aren't met by traditional handpiece repair companies. Precision Dental Repair's unique business model offers several advantages to your operations and budget. Your large dental practice may choose an individual office response or corporate response.

Individual Office Response

In this case, our repair lab will respond to each individual office once a handpiece quantity threshold is met. We will repair handpieces in our fully equipped mobile service van; returning your equipment in minutes. Your corporate office will then receive the invoice and an email indicating the handpiece's repair history. Advantages of this response include:

• Your staff will receive maintenance training and an office procedure review at every visit.
• We'll work in close cooperation with your staff to reduce breakdowns and improve dental equipment efficiency.
• Online access to a handpiece log to know the history of any handpiece at a glance.
• We catch and correct in-office issues that shorten a handpiece's life.
• You'll receive independent evaluations of equipment performance from each office.

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Corporate Office Response

With this type of response, our mobile repair lab will respond to your corporate office once your handpiece quantity threshold is met. We'll then repair your handpieces in the parking lot of your corporate location and return them in minutes. Your invoice will then be submitted with the handpieces, and a handpiece repair log will be reviewed with your purchasing manager. Advantages of this type of response are as follows:

• It's the fastest repair option available anywhere.
• It's our lowest repair cost option.
• Your invoice will then be submitted with the repaired handpieces.
• Your staff can get individual office training as needed at no extra cost.
• Online access to handpiece log that tracks repairs and location performance.

Precision Dental Repair is pleased to offer a bid based on your business specifics. Contact us for further information.