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Keep All Your Equipment At-the-Ready

Every dentist knows that the best way to avoid problems is with regular checkups and preventative care. The same is true for your handpieces. At Precision Dental Repair of Houston, Texas, our proactive maintenance and service program is designed to identify problems before they result in frustrating and expensive repairs.

Maintenance Program

Prolong the life of your handpieces and reduce the expense and need for repairs with regular maintenance. For a small fee — starting at $49 for up to nine handpieces — we will visit your office each month and carefully examine each handpiece.

With our maintenance service, we'll clean, lubricate, and correct minor dental handpiece problems at no extra charge. You receive a detailed history log, which will improve your office's efficiency. If your handpiece requires more extensive repairs, as a maintenance customer, you'll receive a reduced rate. Need help outside your scheduled time? No problem. There is no extra charge!

Added Benefits

The goal of this program is to have your handpiece perform like new every time you pick it up while reducing more costly repairs down the road. This service is ideal for large volume practices or practitioners who feel they have too many breakdowns and need to bring down their repair costs.  You will also have online access to the repair history of all your handpieces to visually track your cost savings easily.

We also train your staff in the proper care and maintenance of their equipment; catch office issues that may shorten handpiece life; and offer many free repairs such as removing stuck burs and clearing blocked chip water lines.

You'll also receive free upgrades to ceramic bearings and free extended warranties. Best of all, you don't have to sign a contract.

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